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2015 Flying View Photography Contest | Handcarry Only

2015 Flying View Photography Contest

By June 5, 2015News
Man watching Perito Moreno Glacier Argentina

Air France – Flying View photo contest

What’s better than travelling?

Travelling for free of course!

I don’t normally participate in photo contests (mainly out of sheer laziness) but for the shot at 200,000 miles and Platinum membership for a year on Flying Blue, Air France’s frequent flyer programme, I finally got off my rear and submitted the maximum 10 allowed entries. A few of them are on this page. I’ve still got a whole bunch of unticked destinations on my ‘Wander List’ and having some miles to burn will go a long way towards striking a bunch of them off.

“Revisit the World” is the theme of this year’s contest, which I took to be basically re-discovering the beauty that is all around us in this little blue speck in the cosmos. Familiarity sometimes breeds contempt, and we all (I know I certainly do) stumble through life in a bubble, more often than not staring at our mobile phone screens instead of the fleeting moments and beautiful scenes that flash before us. This contest has been an excuse for me to revisit my travels, revisit the friendships and the memories that lay locked in my photos.

Hurry! Contest ends 9 June

Time is of the essence, I’ve left it late and there are only 4 days left to be a part of the contest. I gather many of you reading this blog are photographers yourselves so go ahead and give it a crack too, you never know where it might (quite literally!) lead you.

To be a part of this Flying View 2015, just post your best travel photos at Flyingblue.com/Flyingview or on Instagram with the hashtag #FlyingView and the hashtag of your photo category (#Landscape, #Closeup or #Lifestyle).

Judging this year’s contest will be photographers Ralph Wenig and Vuthéara Kham, creative director Julie Martin, and Flying Blue’s relationship marketing communications manager, Max Manette-Caravel. The three grand winners will each receive 200,000 Miles, enjoy Platinum membership for 1 year, and see their winning photo printed on the thousands of luggage tags sent each year to Flying Blue Elite members.

This year, a Public Prize will also reward the three photos that receive the most votes on social media channels. Their creators will each receive 30,000 Miles, while their winning photos will be prominently featured in Flying Blue communications.

To take part, go to http://flyingblue.com/flyingview

kids jumping into lake bariloche argentina