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An Alien Mothership Just Crash Landed in Singapore | Handcarry Only

An Alien Mothership Just Crash Landed in Singapore

Daniel Libeskind's Reflections on Keppel Bay

Daniel Libeskind’s Reflections at Keppel Bay

Without doubt, one of my favourite buildings in Singapore at the moment, is Daniel Libeskind’s Reflections of Keppel Bay, a residential development at the entrance to Singapore’s historic Keppel harbour. Looking like a crash landed alien mothership, the curving, organic yet industrial looking structures seem to sprout out of the surrounding greenery like glass blades. As you might have already suspected, the units at this development don’t come cheap, ranging from SGD1.6-10.5million (USD1.3 – 8.4 million), chump change for the hordes of banker types in Singapore these days.


reflections on keppel bay

The Camera

Its been 2 weeks since I got my Fuji X-Pro1 and I think I’ve gotten the hang of this camera, I’m aware of its limitations and quirks, some of which are fixable by firmware updates, others are probably inherent in the design of the camera.

In no order of priority, the things I would like to see fixed:

  • Selectable Minimum shutter speed for Auto ISO, the current camera preset of 1/52 for the 35mm lens and 1/30 for the 18mm lens does not freeze motion and is borderline handholdable. Easy firmware update by Fuji.
  • Aperture Chatter Reduced or Removed, apparently, the chatter is due to the aperture blades adjusting for shifting light levels in order to keep exposure of the EVF/LCD constant. Is it not possible to do the adjustment (gain up and down) electronically in software? Instead of physically opening and closing the aperture blades, causing the chatter and no doubt, unnecessarily draining battery life.
  • Improved AF Performance, I guess if they could do it for the X100 via the 1.20 firmware update, they could possibly improve the AF performance of the X-Pro1 by a bit at least? Especially in low light?

Given my style of shooting (anticipated street shooting), none of these factors are in any way deal breakers, which is why I have no regrets selling my Canon 5DmkII and Sony NEX 5N, if Fuji managed to improve on the points above, it might just tip a ‘very good’ camera over to ‘great’.


panorama keppel bridge

The handy panorama shooting mode on the X-Pro1 delivers great results with a simple sweep of the camera.

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