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Domino players Trinidad Cuba

Domino players by a sidestreet in Trinidad Cuba

By | Fujifilm X-Pro1, RTW, Travel | 10 Comments

The old cobbled street was proving a bit of a challenge in the dim light, the scattered street lamps casting strange shadows on the peeling colonial era buildings lining either side of the road. Our footsteps were unsure and the uneven ground, still slightly slick with the brief rain that had fallen in the evening, was slippery, hiding puddles of water in the darkness.

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old man smoking cigar in cuba

A View From The Roof In Cienfuegos Cuba

By | Fujifilm X-Pro1, RTW, Travel | 2 Comments

The sticky heat lingered in the afternoon air like a damp blanket, stifling and energy-sapping. It was midday, and the streets were quiet. The few people ambling about-children in the school uniforms, topless men with sun weathered skin hauling large sacks, all keeping close to the pastel coloured buildings, trying to stay within the thin sliver of shade provided by the low rise houses lining either side of the street…

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feeding stray dogs in vinales cuba

Feeding stray dogs and killing time in Viñales Cuba

By | Fujifilm X-Pro1, RTW, Travel | 4 Comments

Quite happy to be out of the tourist madness that can sometimes define Havana, we found Viñales really sleepy and quite tranquilo. A main road runs through the town, and single storey houses, painted in pastel colours, line both sides of the street. Small, mostly state-run restaurants and casa particulares dot the stretch. Apart from the occasional bored taxi driver doing burnouts down the main strip, and the tourist Via Azul buses that ply the stretch, traffic was limited to the odd tractor and man on horse.

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cubans buying food at night havana cuba

Nightfall in Havana Cuba

By | Fujifilm X-Pro1, RTW, Travel | 8 Comments

When the light fades in Havana and the mercury drops a notch, Havana takes on a distinctly different character. The streets, normally so full of people and scorching hot, are now largely empty. The flicker from the television sets in the houses cast a bluish glow on the threadbare curtains on the windows, like a strange deep sea jellyfish…

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