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Buenos Aires | National heroes, heavenly hosts and hot sleepy afternoons, Part 2 | Handcarry Only

Buenos Aires | National heroes, heavenly hosts and hot sleepy afternoons, Part 2

By February 11, 2013Fujifilm X-Pro1, RTW, Travel
guard at san martin's tomb cathedral metropolitan buenos aires argentina

tango dancer lady in La Boca, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaA tango dancer waiting for her partner in the La Boca district of Buenos Aires, the birthplace of Tango

political graffiti in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaIn Buenos Aires, political murals are commonplace on the walls of buildings throughout the city

blue and white colours of the argentinian flagThe predominant colour scheme of all things Argentinian, the distinctive colours of the flag

a wall full of texture, buenos aires, argentinaA wall that has seen more than its fair share of graffiti and bill posters

cool graffiti/mural in La Boca, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaA somewhat more celebratory mural on a wall

shadows on a wall, tigre, argentinaThe afternoon sun paints the wall with interesting colours and shadows

jesus paiting and statue in metropolitan cathedral, buenos aires, argentinaA predominantly Catholic country, religion plays an important part in the lives of Argentinians, although more so in the countryside than in the cities

sacred heart of jesus on mate bag, buenos aires, argentinaJesus decorates a specialised sling pouch for the carrying of yerba, mate and agua caliente, everything needed for the consumption of the omnipresent mate

seller asleep in san telmo market, buenos aires, ArgentinaA tired street vendor at the San Telmo street markets catch forty winks during a lull in business

lots of political graffiti, buenos aires, argentinaAny vaguely governmental building gets covered in graffiti, a very visible symbol of the people’s anger

burning protest in buenos aires, argentinaA burning pile of rubbish on a main thoroughfare, no doubt the work of another protester


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