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Bula! The friendly faces of Fiji | Handcarry Only

Bula! The friendly faces of Fiji

By January 12, 2012Travel

fijian children playing at church
Kids messing around at church

two pretty school girls in fiji
Lovely girls at a local school

fiji schoolboy wearing uniform standing against the wall
Cheeky Fijian boy

fiji river guides posing by the waterfall
Fijian river guides posing by the waterfall

fiji warrior in tribal dress
Fijian warrior

mr khan, fiji cowboy
Mr Khan, an Indian cowboy in Fiji

maria rova, fiji artist
Maria Rova, local artist

man in checkered shirt at the market in fiji
Vegetable seller at Nadi Market

friendly faces from a bus in fiji
Faces from a bus

fiji ladies waiting at a bus stop in nadi fiji
Ladies at the bus stop in Nadi

Bula! The friendly faces of Fiji

I staggered off the plane after 24 hours spent either in the air or transiting at airports to a crisp, mountain-fresh breath of air. I was in Nadi, the capital of Fiji, a collection of 333 islands in the tropical South Pacific. The first word I heard was ‘Bula!’ from the immigrations officer, not typically the friendliest of people.

A tropical paradise in every sense of the word, but Fiji’s greatest treasures lay not in the glorious beaches, the islands dotted about a never ending cobalt blue sea or the chilled out island life, but in the warmth of the many Fijians we met on the trip. Laid back, generous and hospitable, most Fijians are genuinely welcoming to outsiders, and I don’t remember ever seeing anyone stressed out.

Taking portraits in Fiji is almost too easy, despite a foreigner pointing his camera at their faces, most of my subjects are more than happy to oblige with a smile, the resulting photos are my tribute to the faces of Fiji.

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