Essaouira, City of Blue and White by the Sea (Part 2)

By February 7, 2012Travel

Father and son on the beachFather and son on the beach

The fortress wall of Essaouira surrounds the cityThe fortress wall looms large

man looking inside the portalLooking in

kid cycling down a small lane in essaouira morocco

couple sit on the beach watching the sea essaouira morocco

ornate tiles cover the stairwell

a little kitten sits outside a blue door

Fridge Magnet Poem, Essaouira

He told her about the wild dogs

that howl all night in the Himalayas

while they were in Essaouira,

(Mogador, the ships once knew it by).

They sat in wicker chairs with white

cushions on the bastioned wall.

There were gulls, tables of people

eating fish in the Lilliputian harbour, St Pierre,

she could smell the sardines.

Daphne Manners. She felt like Daphne

Manners without her spectacles.

Pale white girl, blinking in the sun,

in a land of dark skinned men

and the kohl-rimmed lids

of the Sheherezades.

by Alexandra Lister