Faces of Rio de Janeiro

By December 26, 2012Fujifilm X-Pro1, RTW, Travel
old man breakfast bar rio de janeiro brazil

snack stall owner rio de janeiro brazil

Apart from my daily diet of Açai na tigela (a sorbet of the Amazonian super berry with granola and banana), another favourite activity whilst in Rio de Janeiro was to people watch. Brazil is possibly one of the most racially diverse cultures in the world, and the most varied in my travels so far. People of all colours and heritage identify themselves as being Brazilian. A hodgepodge of immigration from around the globe, European (Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, some Russians and Swiss) with a liberal dose of African and a generous sprinkling of Asian guaranteed that to be called Brazilian is not a product of one’s skin colour but instead by one’s love of all things Brazilian and eternal loyalty to the national football team.


cariocas outside a shop rio de janeiro brazil

drunk guy in bar in santa teresa rio de janeiro brazil

old lady in a bar rio de janeiro brazil

skater in rio de janeiro

people in santa teresa

little girls in rio de janeiro brazil

cyclist rio de janeiro

gathering outside a bar in santa teresa

gallito chefs at local restaurant rio de janeiro

big flower in the botanical gardens rio de janeiro brazil

corcovado tram up to see cristo redemptor

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