Raining cats, dogs and other assorted animals in Hogsback, South Africa

By October 22, 2012Fujifilm X-Pro1, RTW, Travel
Hogback forest stream south africa

The three humps of Hogsback

Supposed named after one of the three peaks overlooking the village, that when viewed from a certain angle, resembled a Hog’s Back, or from a certain Captain Hogg, commander of nearby Fort Michel near TorDoone. In any case, apart from a morning hike to the Madonna and Child Falls through the stunning ancient forest littered with moss covered boulders and ferns, it pretty much rained the whole time we were there. Visibility was barely ten metres at times, as the mountain village of Hogsback was shrouded in cloud. Whilst the novelty of running around ‘breathing in cloud’ entertained us for a bit, the damp and the grey soon got old and we spent the time curled up beside the fire watching the resident pooch entertain himself with a soggy pine cone.

It wasn’t until a 1000 km drive and 48 hours later in Clarens that we finally outrun the rain clouds, to be greeted for the first time in days by glorious sunshine and blue skies.

mother and child heading home hogsbackMother and child heading home before the rains

cozy by the fire

fireplace hogsbackWhere we spent most of our time

hogsback mountains south africaThe Amatola mountains of Hogsback

red berries on the hiking trail hogsback south africa

hogsback trail markersTrail markers

lush forest streamDeep inside the lush forest, walking downstream from Swallowtail Falls

bathtub with a viewBath with a view

clarens tractor scenery blue skiesWe were thankful to finally see blue skies 1000 km and 48 hours later approaching Clarens.

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