Surfer Kids Of Essaouira And Other Portraits Of Children In Morocco

By February 8, 2012Travel

Surfer kid in EssaouiraSurfer kid in Essaouira

children of morocco messing aroundMessing around with my camera

Boy in red shirt standing in the alley, MarrakechBoy in alley, Marrakech

Shy girl standing in the doorwayShy girl standing in the doorway

Children scared away by my cameraChildren scared away by my camera

Hanging aroundHanging around

The perennial waves and windy conditions off Essaouira translates to excellent surfing and kite surfing opportunities all year round. This has led to the formation of a semi permanent rag tag colony of surfers outside town, some Moroccan but mostly expat. It was hilarious to see some of the local kids, whose primary contact must be with these expat surfers, take on some of their lingo and mannerisms, which you can imagine, is quite different from the rest of Moroccan culture as a whole. These kids were boisterous and confident, dressed in hand-me-down Rip Curls and Quiksilver boardshorts. One of the young ones grabbed my camera when I was shooting them and started shooting away at his friends himself. One resulting image is in the slideshow above.

I really enjoyed taking pictures of the kids in Morocco, they are at once inquisitive, cheeky, shy and boisterous, but all innocent and playful, and it was heartwarming to see how some kids make do with so little, a reminder to us all to be thankful for all that we have.

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