Technological change: The last Kodak moment? | The Economist

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Technological change: The last Kodak moment? | The Economist:

tourist in Pisa taking pictures

Tourists taking photos, digitally | Pisa, Italy 2010.

Canon 5D mkII, EF 24-70 f2.8L

The Kodak Moment

My friend, Dr Kenneth Lyen, recently sent me me a note, I found it very poignant and thought I’d reproduce it (with permission) on Handcarry Only.

“Alas, poor Kodak, I remember her well. a film of infinite beauty, of most excellent colors; the fulgent laughter, the tenebrific tears, the poignant memories. And now she is gravely ill, gasping her last breath. Poor Kodak.

Darwin’s natural selection is not a merciful forgiving softie. Adapt or perish.

Kodak is poised to follow the likes of Xerox (also slaughtered by arch-nemesis Fuji), and other dying technologies like the typewriter, the pager, the cassette tape recorder, the video cassette player, the floppy disc, the laser disc player, cathode ray tube monitor, the zip drive.

What is the Kodak Moment? It is the rare, one-time moment captured with a photo. Sadly it is going to become an ephemeral moment captured in distant memories.

Who will give Kodak mouth-to-mouth ventilation in a last-ditch effort to rescue her from the jaws of death?”