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Thoughts on my last day at work before heading off into the great RTW unknown | Handcarry Only

Thoughts on my last day at work before heading off into the great RTW unknown

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My Last Day at Work

One one hand, it seems like any other Friday, whose arrival brings with it a certain amount of relief, knowledge that the solace of the weekend is just a few more ticks of the clock away. But this Friday is different from the Friday before it, and will certainly be different from the next Friday coming up. Today is my last day at work. I guess that it helps that it’s a Friday, sort of makes it a little easier. I’ll head off for the weekend just like usual, the only difference is that I won’t be coming back on Monday, but that’s a thought for Sunday night.

There’s a certain bittersweetness to it, I had grown much personally and professionally on the job, spanning 2 continents and multiple time zones. Walking away from a place where you have spent a good chuck of your waking hours at for the past 7 years is an unsurprisingly multifaceted emotional thing. While I am never one to be defined by my profession, I am nevertheless sad to be leaving colleagues that have become fast friends, the camaraderie of the team, the department that I have built up, even the comfort of knowing the paycheck is in the post each month.

On the other hand, new adventures await, memories waiting to be formed, friends to be made and preconceptions debunked, Life awaits!

Change is necessary for growth, and I have been cruising for a little longer than I would have liked now. Change beckons.

Today is my last day at work, but tomorrow, we say goodbye to all things familiar and head out into the unknown.

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