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X-Pro1 Diaries: A Break In The Day | Handcarry Only

X-Pro1 Diaries: A Break In The Day

By March 29, 2012Fujifilm X-Pro1
old man with ray bans

Lunch hour exists like a comma in a sentence, a transit during a flight, a breath in the middle of long note, breaking the day up into two more manageable halves. I could never understand people who ate at their desks at work, doing that was akin to playing all 90 minutes of a football match without halftime. Even going out of the office (if you worked in one) for a short walk serves to rejuvenate and recharge the mind for the afternoon ahead.

The midday sun beat down upon the pavement, a dizzy heat rising from the surface. People stood almost directly above their shadows, the heat and humidity forming a think and cloying atmosphere as women carried colourful umbrellas in an attempt to shield themselves from the sun.

Under the cool shade of a tree, construction workers toiling away all morning sought the chance for a quick kip, a noisy bunch of coworkers sharing a meal and the latest gossip, the restaurants busy with the lunchtime crowd, juggling orders and trays of perilously balanced food, and others opted for a cigarette.

For the non working crowd, the hour held no significance, time passing as it always had. The lunch hour was not unlike the hour before, or indeed, the hour after.

Then just as suddenly as the commotion began, it all turned quiet, the workers back in their air-conditioned offices, leaving behind plates of half eaten food, the ice from their drinks forming a small puddle of condensation, trickling to the edge of the table where it dripped on the floor.

A quiet monotony ensued.


2 men smoking red tieA cigarette takes the place of food

construction hard hat and harnessA construction hard hat and harness lay unattended whilst the owner takes a break

construction workers sleepingConstruction workers take the chance to have a quick nap

girl walking by office workers having lunchA girl walks past a group of office workers having lunch

taking a break having a drinkWorker stops for a drink

public transportA bus shelter provides brief respite from the heat

unloading food restaurantDwindling supplies are replenished at the back of a restaurant

man having nap at lunchFor some, the lunch hour is like any other

old man ipodTime passes slowly

lady walking leftA lady goes about her day

All photos are taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 and XF 35mm f1.4, processed in Aperture with VSCO Film.

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