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X-Pro1 Diaries: A Singapore Siesta Story | Handcarry Only

X-Pro1 Diaries: A Singapore Siesta Story

By April 17, 2012Fujifilm X-Pro1
man sleeping on the trishaw singapore

old man asleep in his trishaw

The midday sun was punishing, baking the pavement and all that walked on it. People darted about squinting in the light and holding up folded newspapers and their hands in a futile attempt at shielding themselves from the heat, moving from one patch of shade to another.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion, their heavy lunches and the heat producing a heady cocktail of drowsiness, sleep beckoning at every step. Valiantly, they resist, sitting back upright, but Sleep, the seductive mistress has her way with tired bodies and clouded minds.

Just for a few minutes … I’ll close my eyes … just for a few minutes …


young man asleep under the stairs

young man asleep on a dining table

construction worker asleep on the floor of the workspace

2 guys asleep on the table outside starbucks

young man asleep outside restaurant

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