X-Pro1 Diaries: Arab Street Redux with VSCO

hijab lady with mannequins

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My latest purchase is the VSCO presets for Aperture and I’m absolutely loving them. I started my photography ‘back in the film days’ and film still evokes a strong sense of nostalgia for me. For reasons of ease and finance, I seldom shoot film now but still love the ‘film look’. Visual Supply Co. are folks that create pretty authentic ‘film look’ presets for use in both Adobe Lightroom and Aperture. The presets are nothing like the over -the-top Instagram ‘vintage toy camera’ look that is all the rage on Facebook these days, but an altogether more realistic film simulation. Although part of my brain sees a contradiction between buying a camera with a high tech digital sensor outputting clean, low noise pictures and applying presets to degrade and add ‘grain’ to the pristine image, I just can’t help myself. Perfection is overrated anyway.

What I like about the Aperture presets is the fact that its a preset, not a plugin – a subtle but important difference. Nik produces fantastic plugins but I resent having to output huge tiff files from my master images to work off, the VSCO presets work natively in Aperture, creating no huge tiff files to clog up my hard drive with, and are as non destructive as any of the other image adjustments one might employ in Aperture. At the moment, there is a range of Kodak and Fujifilm film colour negative as well as black and white presets to choose from, I have word from VSCO that they are working on colour transparency emulations for future release. My favourite films from ‘back in the day’ are Fuji Velvia 50, Provia 100F, Fuji NPH 400 (negative), Kodak 100VS and Fuji Neopan 1600 (b/w). Hopefully VSCO will work on having these looks available soon.

kampong man having lunch

caution, one wayCaution, One Way

father and son portraitFather and son portrait

cat in the grassA cat in the grass, probably thinks he’s a lion stalking prey

2 construction workersGiving the wink

he was this long”It was exactly this long …’

bag of body partsMannequin massacre

portrait of a plastic manPortrait of a plastic man

headless on a ladderHeadless

lady in redLady in Red

no parkingAuthorised Personnel Only

conversations in the alleyConversations in the alley

salmin and coSalmin and Co.

giving me the eyeGiving me the eye

View the rest of my ongoing X-Pro1 experiences and photos or the rest of the photos on Handcarry Only