X-Pro1 Diaries: Friday Night in a Quieter Part of Town

couple sharing ice cream joo chiat

Whilst the city centre is thronging with the working crowd looking to purge the stresses of the week from their minds, in a quiet corner of Joo Chiat, a residential conservation area in the East of Singapore, the mood is hardly any different from any other evening. A bit too out of the way for the town dwelling financial industry types and office workers, it is decidedly, a little bit more blue collar. A couple share an ice cream sitting on the street bollards chatting, mom-and-pop shop owners went about tending their businesses, a little girl amuses herself skating around on a supermarket trolley and a pair of ladies stand waiting for a taxi, perhaps to take them to a more exciting party downtown.

Just another evening in Joo Chiat.

cool man sun glasses cigarette

frizzy haired shopowner

little girl plays with shopping trolley

ladies wait for cab

man cycling past

red plastic buckets for sale

provision shop owner reads newspapers in his shop

old lady tends her stall

man toilet murals

All photos taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 and XF 35mm f1.4

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