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X-Pro1 Diaries: Just Before Dinnertime | Handcarry Only

X-Pro1 Diaries: Just Before Dinnertime

By March 27, 2012Fujifilm X-Pro1
little indian girl in pink dress

The hour before dinner time is a curious occasion. The working masses are spontaneously poured out onto the streets, evident in their eyes, relief that the workday is finally over. The fading light in the sky heightening the growling in their collective stomachs as they go in search of sustenance, mostly in groups, laughing and gesturing, occasionally alone, with the dim light of their mobile phones upon their faces.

The restaurants and street hawkers are in a frenzy of activity, preparing for what typically is their busiest time of day. Amidst the smoke and smells, the harsh fluorescent light and garish neon, a city is winding down.

Beers are poured, cigarettes lit, tales exchanged.

Its dinnertime.


queen street

girl having dinner alone reflection

happy chicken rice lady

diners in an alley

man expounding theories

man with cap at table

boy alone at table

men having drinks

lonesome old man

diners in front of mosque

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