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X-Pro1 Diaries: Sleepy Weekends and Long Brunches | Handcarry Only

X-Pro1 Diaries: Sleepy Weekends and Long Brunches

reubens sandwich

Brunches are made for weekends, like ‘peas and carrots’ (as Forrest Gump puts it), a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch, unless one doesn’t work (in the conventional sense of the word), the concept of brunch on a weekday is nigh on impossible. Between scoffing down breakfast in the morning and a quick lunch later on, the two sessions of sustenance are more functional than enjoyable. Brunches, however, are a different story. The lazy and chilled out offspring of prim and proper Breakfast and high strung Lunch, Brunches are usually a long, languishing affair involving any combination of food, coffee, newspapers, magazines, idle conversation or simply staring into space. Brunches are by far my favourite type of meal, and I seldom turn down an opportunity to indulge in one.

at the bar with coffee

coffee and cookie

plastic rocking horse

at the bar eiffel tower

colourful chalk

children's sweeties

diners at brunch

colourful cakepops

colourful flowers and straws

sitting by the window

tweety and mickey

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