X-Pro1 Diaries: Things I See When I Am Out And About

old lady by the singapore river

Oh to be invisible in a sea of humanity, in the sprawl of the city, a little whisper in a roaring wave. I wander, looking, observing, recording. For what purpose am I doing this? For whom is this photographic record intended? I don’t exactly know. Something compels me. Perhaps it is the most obvious way to share my view of the world around me, one that is at once beautiful and grotesque, serendipitous and staged, symmetrical and chaotic.

For now, I am merely the record keeper.

2 kids chilling by the river

old couple by singapore river

2 tourist girls taking photosSynchronised shooting

queuing up to touch fortuneQueuing for fortune

alleyway manThe man in the alley

deliveryman bikeDelivering Ya Pear

shophouses and skyscrapersThe new and the not so new

trishaw riderZero emissions

old lady yellow porsche

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