A Night in London

By February 14, 2012Projects
couple kissing outside restaurant window

A Night in London

It was a warm London night. The kind of warmth invoked by a contrast of elements. The clinking of ice against glasses half filled. The heavy rainfall outside muted by the windows. He smiled. Tonight felt like nostalgia in the making. One of those prominent memories that flash between a millisecond of someone asking you what Soho is like and you answering with an entranced ‘Wonderful’.

The beauty of being a traveler is, among the abundance of people you find yourself surrounded by, you are always alone. Far too many have driven negative connotations within the word for it to be associated with beauty but Jean de la Bruyere was far too resonant in his mind. Smart comments were made. Laughter erupted. There was a subconscious appreciation toward the snow globed moment. Then he saw them. Right behind the thin glass windows. Leaning towards each other magnetically, as muted as the rain. Eyes closed, subtle smiles lingering. It was an accidental discovery and as an uproar of laughter continued, he realized he was caught between two moments – his reality and a couple’s fleeting rush.

The way they sunk into each other so effortlessly. The way they shared a breath. It was love. He could tell by the way he forgot to inhale when he saw them. He could tell by the way it stung. Maybe it’d last till tomorrow. Maybe he’d make her breakfast every morning for a week. Maybe she’d want to keep the way he held her forever. They didn’t know. Or maybe they did and it was too soon to say anything. And as an uproar of laughter continued, he realized he was caught between two perceptions – his and a couple’s fleeting rush.


Conversations by the Window Seat is an ongoing creative collaboration between Adrian Seah and Romila Barryman, with photos and writing themed around a common love of travel and discovery.

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