Amnesia and the Strawberry Patch

By February 28, 2012Projects
strange red car with girl in red

Amnesia and the Strawberry Patch

They say amnesia is the reset button to any human being; when memories fail, what else is there to fall back on but gut instincts; when baggage cease to exist, what else is there to do than do what feels right. A childlike adult with responsibilities diminished.

Travelling is sometimes a conscious effort to hit reset.

Like the times he rented that car. The three wheeler. The one that reminded him of his ex girlfriend’s strawberry patch at first. He hated his ex girlfriend’s strawberry patch. She tended to it better than she tended to him.

‘Cool ride’ the guy with the barrette smiled.

‘Dude’ said the girl with the gun tattoo above her elbow, ‘what is it?’

‘Wow!’ was the little girl in the fall dress could muster. Her eyes were enough. The way she beamed it with her bright eyes; the car under her spotlight.

He finally smiled. It was far too vibrant to resemble fruit and much too vintage to exude nativity. It was too in between anything to be defined. Too many had stood in appreciation for it to be tied to heartache. Too much laughter had been contained in it; even as the car stared back at him in silence, he expected a whirlwind of horrible jokes and smelly feet and high fives to erupt every time he opened those red doors and it made him smile.

He never thought of strawberries again.

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