Brixton Blues

By March 14, 2012Projects
man on crutches brixton london

Brixton blues

Have you learned the art of trading shoes. Giving your rugged sneaks away for his tattered socks – have you ever. Grandmothers experienced with traditional remedies are always very particular about the way they faced illness. Colds, fevers, headaches instantaneously brought them to calling up the massage therapist who would tend to feet first and lastly So when your toes leave the comfort of your waterproofed abode to find the splash of the rain seep in through rugged shoes, your mind conforms to the surroundings and your hair turns grey and you realize ‘choice’ is an act done with logic and none of that exists where the body only actions are in an attempt to survive- that’s called reacting. Have you looked through eyes connected to a different mindset. Wearing his shoes will help you. And you’ll realize that people find, even if only subconsciously, a place that mirrors them best.

As the remains of Electric Avenue sit unlively, you watch as the silence serves as a petri dish to proud ghosts from a prestigious past. The Victorian buildings standing tall, in denial to all the change. As gangs huddle in habit, you watch on as their ghosts linger in the same way. The panhandlers slouched against the buildings, the thick cannabis smelling air, the decaying of mind, the way eyes peer out of windows hoping today will bring them a different view. The Victorian buildings stands tall in denial. Everyone else slouches defeated.

Conversations by the Window Seat is an ongoing creative collaboration between Adrian Seah and Romila Barryman, with photos and writing themed around a common love of travel and discovery.

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