Children Always Win

By March 21, 2012Projects
african children huddled together at dawn

Children Always Win

There are cures for ‘growing up too fast’. You can temporarily make a child bite their tongue in fear, you can let the rain make their drought of happiness very apprent but we are always children – you cannot steal childhood.

You cannot whisk it away like a toy. You can teach them to forget but that just means you have the power to gently nudge them to remember.

These children had a fierce kind of bedtime monster, they prayed constantly out of a habit that gave them a sense of having to wash their hands clean. But when the hot water hit them as they bathed, they wanted to stay in a little longer to finish the final battle brother’s football and Mr. Soap the evil bubbler.

When they were dried and fed they couldn’t sit still from all the toy dinosaurs they wanted to compare with one another. When they stepped outside in the dimming sunlight, they teased and taunted and broke into song and dance. A relaxed happy sway led by the rhythm of the air that escaped between their hands. The air that escaped their hands – don’t you see. It’s a subtle power in being a child.

Given warm baths, shelter and nutrition, it doesn’t matter what horrors rampaged, children always win.

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