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Portraits on Arab Street with the X-Pro1 | Handcarry Only

Portraits on Arab Street with the X-Pro1

By March 21, 2012Fujifilm X-Pro1

young guy with cigarette smoke

The sky had been dark and grumbling for a while when I arrived at Arab Street, threatening to pour its watery load down at any moment. This is not very typical weather in March, it is supposed to be hot, and dry. The air crackled with the impending rain, but seemingly oblivious to the drama, most people were going about their evening. Office types arriving, their ties loosened and sleeves rolled up. Muslim ladies hurrying to the shelter of the mosque before the rain came. Trendy youngers comparing their fixed-gear bicycles. Tourists strolling through the heritage district, trying to soak it all in.


undies and 69

In an instant, the clouds thinned, and almost magically, the sky turned pink and purple and orange, washing everything below in this surreal light. No one seemed to notice the scene had been bathed in otherworldly colours, shifting again from hues of violet, magenta and peach, the shoppers kept shopping, the diners kept eating, the tourists kept walking, and the kids hanging around the street corners, kept smoking.

Just as suddenly as it came, the light faded away, first turning a deep purple hue, before, as if sighing, going completely to black. The rain had come.

The Camera

My 4th day of shooting with the X-Pro1 now, I am starting to get the sense of its nuances, and its inclination towards setting my shutter speed at 1/52s (for the 35mm lens), whilst perfectly handhold-able, is unnecessary as it could have just as easily bumped the ISO up a stop and given me that bit more leeway in avoiding camera shake. I made sure to keep the camera extra steady this time round and was rewarded by mostly sharp pictures.

Again, the retro looking camera and silent shutter put my subjects at ease.

This camera was built for the streets.


cool dude with glasses

couple having dinner haji lane

Max on Haji lane

2 girls on haji lane

office types on haji lane

sultan masjid mosque

construction worker on arab street

Jamal Deli Moroccan

ladies hurrying to the mosque

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