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More Portraits from Trinidad Cuba | Handcarry Only

More Portraits from Trinidad Cuba

By January 31, 2014Fujifilm X-Pro1, RTW, Travel
cuban man standing in front of blue wall

This man was somewhat giving me the eye as I was shooting but perhaps he didn’t realise what a photogenic scene he created by standing at the corner of the beautiful blue wall.

man with cap portrait cuba

We were outside giving small presents of pens and whatever sweets we had on us to his kids and he was just standing there smiling at us.

sun flare street trinidad cuba
Salon de Beleza cuba
church at plaza mayor trinidad

Incredibly authentic and picturesque Trinidad has more or less remained unspoilt over the years, with worn cobbled streets still spanning much of the historic heart of the city. Here, the Church of the Holy Trinity takes the place of honour on one end of Plaza Mayor, the main square in the old city.

friendly old man trinidad cuba

This man lived a few houses down from the casa de particular we were staying at, and he would spend the majority of his day sat outside his house topless, presumably as respite from the heat of the Cuban sun. He would flash us the friendliest smile and kindest eyes each time we walked past.

father and son on stool trinidad cuba

This father and son team ran a small shop selling textiles and cuban shirts, although it seemed like mother was doing most of the selling. The boys were most interested in hanging out and feeding tamales to curious Asian travellers.

coconut seller cuba

Mobile drinks salesman, replete with a machete on his belt hook to open up the coconuts for thirsty customers.

cuban musicians on the street

As one can probably gather by now, beautiful as Trinidad is, it would be missing the point simply to visit and the see the ‘sights’, nothing in particular has been packaged as an attraction, not in the typical tourist sense of the word anyway. The true magic of the place is the atmosphere, the people, the laid-back lifestyle and the fantastically intriguing sample of humanity on offer.

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